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Best countries to start football career

Almost every talented individual (football wise) want to start a football career and make something with it. But to start football career and attain a professional level in the career isn't for everyone.

It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, funds, prayers and necessary steps before you can put up a football career which you will look at and be happy with how far you've gone with it.

As a young inspiring football player it may seem confusing when you are thinking about how to start your professional football career. A lot of thoughts will strike through your mind about how to go about it where to start your career blah blah blah blah. 

It is easy for you to start a football career just like you kicking a ball but how to make things right and fast is the real deal here.

As we all know generally football is one of the best sport if not the best of all sports, it is the most famous sport in the world. To start a career requires processes you can't just burst out and say you want to have a football career. 

That is why we at SportyzNews decided to make up this article to guide you on which country is best to start and how to start football career. This article is divided into two parts. The first is the best country to start football career while the second is how to start a football carrier.

Sit tight and let us take you through what you need to know.

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It may not be easy for someone from continent like South America, Africa to get much notice, the individual may be talented but due to the fact that such individual country is not really into football, the talent may take years to be noticed or the talent may not be noticed at all. 

Some may even have the opportunity to leave the country but they end up going to leagues with high competitions where it is hard to build a career from scratch.

Best Countries to start a football career successfully

We have prepared for you a number of countries that are best to start a football career. The idea why you need to know the best countries to start a football career is for you to find the best place to shine and probably more comfortable to show your talent.

Here are the countries feel free to make your choice.

Note the countries provided are not listed in order but they are all generally the best countries to start/begin a football career.

1. Brazil - Série A, Série B


Brazil is one of the top countries who contribute more to the release of raw talent into the football World. Infact they remained a home base for young aspiring players. 

As I mentioned earlier in this article most of the young players who want to start a football career do make some mistakes by signing for big clubs in big leagues and this is not the right option to go for because the competition in those big clubs may not see you fulfill your career the way you wanted. 

It is best to go for smaller League and when you are given opportunity to prove yourself there won't be anything hindering you, the competition is less and afterwards you can now get offers from big clubs if you are really good. Amad Diallo is a case of study, starting his career in a small league, shone to the world his talent and now he's a Man United player.

Here are the leagues where you can begin your career in Brazil:

Brazilian football league to start football career

The Brazilian football league have a system in which they are arranged we have the National Pyramid and the State Pyramid. The National Pyramid can also be described as the National Championship while the State Pyramid can be regarded as the State Championship.

To make things look neat and well composed. We will list out the leagues in each Championship that were mentioned and about three Clubs in each of them. There are four leagues in the National Pyramid which are:

  1. Série A
  2. Série B
  3. Série C
  4. Série D

This Série A, B and C consist of 20 Clubs while the Série D contains a total of 40 clubs.

Série A clubs - Atlético Mineiro, América Mineiro, Red Bull
Serie B clubs - Bahia, Gremio, Gremio 
Serie C clubs - Mirassol, Paysandu PA, Figueirense
Serie D clubs - Trem, Humaitá, Porto Velho

Here at the States pyramid, there are two leagues which are: 

  1. Série A - Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul 
  2. Série B - (clubs relegated from serie A)

If you would like to start your career in a country like Brazil you can make research on this clubs (other clubs too) and get prepared. If you believe in yourself you will surely make it from the very low starting point.

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2. Belgium - First division A, First division B

This country is one of the Giants in the football game producing tons of talent to the football World. This country knows the value of football, in short football means a lot to them.

The Belgium League system is grouped into two the Men system and the Women system. If you are a lady Belgium is a good option to kick-start your football career. There are enough platform for ladies to compete in the football game.

There are lots of leagues (level) in the Men's division system. We have the Belgian First division A, Belgium First division B, Belgium National division 1 and other Non professional leagues/Amateur leagues.

Three examples of teams in the division mentioned above:

  1. Belgium First division A - Club Brugge KV, Standard Liège KRC, Genk
  2. Belgium First division B - RWD Molenbeek FC, K.V.C Westerlo, Club NXT
  3. Belgian national Division 1 - Royal Knokke F.C, RFC Liège Franes Borains

The league mentioned above especially the first two divisions have contributed a lot in the production of players to the football world as we speak. The first division A teams are popular and they have done a lot of business when it comes to selling talent prayers to the Europe top 5 leagues (Premier League, La liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1). 

And these leagues are the leagues a footballer would want to play in at the peak of their career. It is easy to start your career in this Belgian leagues and considering the level of popularity they've gained you can easily proceed to the next level of your career.

The Belgian league (especially the team in the first division A and B) are one of the best place to start football career.

We don't want to ommit this important information especially for the ladies, out of the few countries who involve in women football competition within the country (apart from the women team representing them). Belgium is one country for the female gender to kick off their football career.

Having the Super league (8 clubs), First division league (14 clubs), Second division of (14 club), Third division (28 clubs divided into two series) and lastly the Provincial league. 

As a lady you have enough space for you to start your football career in Belgium and entertain the world considering the number of competitions for Women and Women's team in the country.

So if you are looking for the best country to start your career and set a high chance of improving the career the Belgium is an option.

3. Scotland 


The Scottish championship is a type of league that is not seen as a major properties  (force) in Europe when it comes to football.

In Scotland there are four major league levels and divisions. The SPFL Premiership, SPFL Championship, SPFL League 1, SPFL league 2. All the leagues mentioned contains 10 clubs each except the SPFL Premiership which contains 12 clubs.

The Scotland league houses several clubs who really have much interest in their homegrown players. They do not go for big names (players) elsewhere, clubs like Celtic, Aberdeen, Rangers, etc Invest in young players and give them chance to play in the highest level of the competition.

The Scotland league like SPFL Premiership and SPFL Championship are one of the major leagues where agents from big clubs scout out players to buy. It is easy to grow and develop your talent when you start your football career in countries like Scotland.

It won't cost you a lot of stress to attain the pick in your career once you begin to enter the eyes of big Clubs with your mouths watering performances and Consistency.

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4. France - Ligue 1, Ligue 2


France is really into the football game being the issuer of the Golden Ball famously known as the Balloon D'or. This country host one of the top 5 leagues in Europe which is Ligue 1. 

There are many football leagues in this country for both Men and Women so as a woman you have France as an option for you. The main league contains different levels but we would discuss the first three major levels (league). 

Here are the 3 top leagues in France:

  1. Ligue 1 - Lille, Brest, Angers 
  2. Ligue 2 - Paris FC, Nancy, Nimes
  3. National league - Chambly, Cholet, Red Star

The Ligue 1 consist of 20 clubs, though it’s a very competitive league you can begin your football career there, but not in big clubs, remember we are talking about the best countries and the best place to begin your career in specific.

It is better to start your career in a small club in Ligue 1 (could be newly promoted team) just make sure the team would guarantee you enough time to develop, compete in high level games even at a young age.

Then this will help you in your football career as big clubs would naturally hunt for you provided you possess the talent they want.

In the league 2 there are 20 clubs who compete here. This is the recommended league level you can begin your career in France. Clubs in this level do not really spend much in buying players even though it's hard to convince a professional player to leave a higher league to a lower league. 

How then do they get players into there teams? There are lots of ways clubs in Ligue 2 get players one of which is 'from their Academy'. They also buy from other clubs in the same league level or from lower leagues.

If you can get yourself into one of the Ligue 2 teams, you are probably at the best place to start your football career because this is where big Clubs comes when they are in search for players. 

The National League in France falls into 3 pyramid and a total of 18 clubs participating in this league. This league is also a good place to start your career clubs from Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 do make players purchases in this league. So beginning your career there is still a good choice. 

The women League in France contains 4 pyramid levels the first three of these levels are cool places to kick-start a footballing career.

  1. Division 1 feminines  
  2. Division 2 feminine
  3. Division 3 feminine 

5. Germany - Bundesliga, 2 Bundesliga, 3 Bundesliga

Germany has one of the top leagues in Europe, the level of competition in the first pyramid level is kind of high in some clubs while some other clubs are ready to recruit-in young talent. 

Starting a career in this country especially in less competetive clubs and leagues will end you much greatness in the course of your career.

There are 3 professional leagues in Germany they are: 

  1. Bundesliga 
  2. 2 Bundesliga
  3. 3 Liga

The Bundesliga contains clubs like Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, Frankfurt. if you want to start your football career in Bundesliga you should go for less competitive clubs then you can be guaranteed some playing time and enough platform to develop your talent.

In the 2 Bundesliga there are enough teams you can join to begin your career this is the recommended league in Germany where you can easily make a start to your football professional career. 

All you need to do is join the Academy of clubs in this league, improve on your talent and before you know you may get promoted to the first-team where the big clubs across the globe will get their eyes on you.

The 3 Liga is also a cool League to kick-start (career). You will get enough playing time how you perform in game will make big clubs in France to come for you.

Here are some things you need to know about the Bundesliga League due to the huge amount of gap between Bayern Munich and some teams in the league, there have been much investment placed on the breeding of young players in the league.

Instead of bringing in big players or ready-made players to the team these clubs have decided to bring an halt to Bayern's dominance by investing in their Academy system (youth system).

Since March 2020, the Bundesliga has reduced the age limit for players to 16 years. So if you start your football career in Bundesliga, you have the opportunity to play and feature in the first XI against some big teams.

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6. Netherlands - Eredivisie, Eerste Divisie


Netherlands have really can high over the years considering their development in football the leagues in this country host some well-known clubs across the globe.

Netherlands are among the countries that have both Men's and Women's football league. The Men's league are categorised into different levels but we will only discuss about the 3 major league (levels).

  1. Eredivisie
  2. Eerste Divisie
  3. Tweede Divisie

There are a total of 18 teams in the Eredivisie league. If you can get yourself into one of the academics of this teams you are assured that's a  good kick-off to your career.

Eredivisie one of the league accepted to compete in the Champions League, if you start in the Ajax, AZ or Feyeenord Academy you are just some years away from competing in UEFA Cup competition like Champions league, Europa League.

All you have to do is fight hard and get a shot in the first team B consistent and probably you can cement yourself in the first team if you are really good. Clubs from across the globe will come seeking for your signature.

Eerste Divisie and Tweede Divisie are respectively next in rank after the Eredivisie. Clubs from this league invest more in breeding young players, starting off your football career will see you have enough time to settle and discover yourself.

There would be less competition when it comes to challenging for first-team call-up, easily you can be given a chance in the first-team if you don't screw things up you will have some big clubs knocking at your door which is of course a sign of fulfilling career.

7. Austria - Bundesliga

The top level of the Austrian football league system is the Bundesliga and there are total of 12 teams who can compete in the league in one season this league also can compete in the UEFA European competition. 

This is where clubs like LASK, Reid, Salzburg and the rest compete. With just little budget, the Austria Bundesliga  is a very good and recommendable place for young football players to start and grow in their career.

We have some talented football players like Minamino, Erling Haaland who have been sensational and have secured contracts in big clubs. With the fact that football is the most popular sport in Australia, you can start your soccer career in the country and get yourself a much-needed fame by proving your talent and staying consistent at every single chance.

8. England - Premier league, EFL Championship


We have to mention England and Spain lately here due to the level of competition in the league system of these countries. But now, we will talk about England.

The English League system consists of 11 levels as of the writing of this article. But we will only talk about the four levels which are:

  1. Premier league
  2. EFL championship 
  3. EFL league 1
  4. EFL league 2 

The Premier League consists of 20 clubs and these clubs play about 38 leagues games per season. Starting up your career in this league requires you to be consistent and good at everything you do. The Premier League is one of the best Europe top 5 leagues in the world.

Starting your career here would not be so easy. But the only thing you can do to have a good career in this league is by registering for Academy of the clubs in the league. That's not enough you also have to be consistent in your performance actually, it is not impossible to start your career in the Premier League but, it will take some serious processes and what is called consistency.

After registering for the academics of the big clubs in the Premier League you will have to pass through some steps stages in the Academy. That we call 'early start of football career'. 

You really have to pass through this youth stages since the club in the Premier League have lot of youth stages where they develop and breed talented and aspiring football players. 

It is necessary for you to keep up your tempo across all the stages, once you get a chance to the first team plus consistency then you've finally landed a bright career you have become a Gem.

But remember you need consistency to make it through when you start your career in the Premier League. Real life examples of Players who started their football career in the English Premier League are Marcus Rashford, Jesse Lingard, Phil Foden, Mason greenwood, etc.

The EFL Championship is the 2nd level of the England football system a total of 24 clubs compete in this league. The EFL championship is one of the most watched football/soccer leagues in Europe.

Starting football career in a league like this is recommendable. All you just have to do is to join a club in this division and improve your performance playing week-in week-out. You will get noticed by scouts and at the end of the day a big money will come for you.

The remaining two levels EFL league 1 and EFL league 2 are also a good choice in starting soccer/football career. When clubs from across the Premier League and the EFL championship (majorly) are in search of talents they search through these two leagues to recruit-in their choice players.

There are chances of having a dream football career if you begin in this league.

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 9. Spain - la Liga Santander, la Liga Smartbank


Just like England the la Liga league in Spain is very competitive so, starting in the 2nd division League would be a nice option. 

If you can join the Academy of big clubs in la Liga with your consistency you can get spotted and noticed. Spain has been one of the country who export out young talent from the leagues to other lakes in the world.

The Academy of clubs like Real Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Sevilla and others have a big system in which players can start their career and end up having their dream fufilled.

10. Italy- Serie A, Serie B


Italy is one of the top five League in Europe, kick starting a football career there will be a huge boost. Italy is also similar to England and Spain. Here are the leagues you can begin your career. 

  1. Serie A
  2. Serie B
  3. Serie C

All these 3 divisions contains 20 clubs in the Serie A is more competitive. But joining leagues like Serie B and Serie C is an ideal way to starting up a career in football. You could get scouted if you are really talented and clubs would come bidding for you.

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How to start a football career (steps) 

  1. Choose a role 
  2. Have training schedule
  3. Keep the dream
  4. Try to attend an educational certificates
  5. Go for scouting matches 
  6. Consider joining a local team
  7. Make research for scouts and football activities
  8. Join the football Soccer Academy

Closing thoughts on best Countries to begin a football career

You can start your football career in any of the countries listed above. But, make sure you go for lesser league's as those are the best place where you can really improve in your quality without much stress and get enough playing time.

Big clubs in countries like England, Spain and Italy can help you have a good start to your career.

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