Top 10 tallest football players in the world (football history)

Tallest football players in the world.


Height is one advantage a player can have over the other, In the game of football a player with a very tall height Is expected to have a large pace and a quick movement. A tall player would always fit in the goalkeeper position, of course you understand what I mean.

You can't have a short player in your goal post and expect angular saves or even superb saves as you would see from goal keepers like Courtois, De Gea etc.

Attackers too, can also make a great use of their long legs if they posses a good height. We can make players like Ibrahimovic and Haaland an example. As tall as this two players are we can really see how they make use of their tallness to play good football and bully defenders in the box.

Having a tall height as a player can also be of a great advantage, especially for players who play in the central defense. I would be dropping the list of top 10 tallest players in football history (The list was compiled following several online researches), so sit back and enjoy as you read on.

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List of Top 10 tallest football players in football history.

10. Øyvind Hoås [Height 6ft 8in (2.03m)]

Øyvid Hoås is a football player from Norway. He has left a name for himself in the football history (world). He joined Kristiansund in the year 2015 and he has since then played as a striker for them.

Øyvind Hoås started his football career playing for Molde Fk, he then transferred to Fredristad two years after. He became popular for his brief career with a Norwegian first division team (Honefoss)

Haos played for the under-21 (international) squad of Norway. With his height (6ft and 8 inches) he was acknowledged as one of the tallest football players in history.


9. Even Iversen [Height 6 ft 8in (2.03m)]

Even Iversen is a Norwegian player specifically a defender. He started his football career in his childhood days while playing for Oslo East and flakstal II. He never played outside Norway throughout his professional career. He's the 9th tallest footballer in history.

He reached the height of his career when he played for the [Norwegian league champions]-Bode/Glint in 2006/2007.

8. Kjell Petter Ophelm [Height 6ft 8in (2.03)m]

Kjell Petter is also a Norwegian footballer with a height of 6.8 feet tall, he is the 8th tallest footballer in football history. He played for stryn a 3rd tier Norwegian league squad and two other Norwegian football team (Lyn and Moss FK)

7. Costel Fare Pantilimon [Height 6ft 8in (2.03m)]


Romanian footballer Costel pantilimon played as a goalkeeper for a Turkish club named Denizlispor. He was recognized and appreciated for his performance with Man City in his time in Manchester City between year 2011 and 2014

Costel Fare Pantilimon became the tallest football player in premier league. When he left Manchester City he signed and played for Sunderland. He's still currently the tallest footballer player in English football league history.

He as also had national team career aside his club career. He's the 7th tallest footballer in the world. He's known for his good conduct and as well as his performance.

6. Lacina Traore [Height 6ft 8in (2.03m)]


Lacina Traore was nicknamed 'Gentle Giant' and 'The Big Tree' due to his 6 feet 8 inches height. He's got quiet some recognition when he joined Monaco in 2014. But better recognition for his spell while on loan at Everton from Monaco. He was known as one of the tallest soccer player in the Epl. He's among the tallest footballer still active, he was also one of the tallest in La liga when he played for sporting Gijón.

He doesn't only rely on his height but he's got more advantage with his pace and power.

5. Tor Hogne Aartøy [Height 6ft 8.5in (2.04m)]

Tor Hogne Aartøy is the 5th tallest player in the world, His spell with JEF United Chibe a Japanese club got praises and attention from football pundits. While he was at Aalesunds Fk a Norwegian premier league club he scored lot of impressive goals.

He was first called up to the Norwegian national team on (27th) January 2009.

4. Yang Changpeng [Height 6ft 8in (2 .05m)

Yan Changpeng is a Chinese striker well known for his spell at Bolton wanderers in year 2006.

When he arrived at England he was named Chinese Peter Crouch when he was on a month trial in England. He couldn't make an impression then he moved back to his country where he joined some Chinese clubs (Chengdu blades, Shezen fengpeng, Yinchuan Helanshan etc).

He currently plays for a club in the Chinese Super league (Henan Jianye).Yang is the 4th tallest player in the world and he's still active in the game.

3. Vanja Ivesa [Height 6ft 9in (2.05)] 

Vanja Ivesa is a Croatian goalkeeper. On 17th February of 2018 he became the oldest player ever to participate in the "Croatian first football league". He also played for Elazigspor, a first division club in Turkey.

He is the 3rd tallest football player in the world. He is the tallest player in FIFA 21. In 1995 he marked his debut with NK instead and later on he played for multiple clubs inside and outside of Croatia and example is Sydney United FC.

2. Paul Millar [Height 6ft 10inch (2.08m)]

Millar is a British striker acknowledged mostly for his performance for Elgin City FC between the year 2010 and 2014. He last played for Deveronvale (Scottish club). 

He was so tall that the Elgin City staffs had to increase the height of the entrance.

Millar was not only a footballer he was also a fireman worked at the (RAF) kinloss base in Moray around the Highland areas of Scotland. He also played for Formertine United in the 2014-2015 season.

He was Inducted by Kirkcaldy YM into their hall of Fame during the annual award ceremony. Millar Is the 2nd tallest soccer player in the football history.

1. Kristof Van Hout [Height 6ft 10in (2.08m)]


The tallest footballer in the world Kristof Van Hout is a goalkeeper. He started his career in Netherlands at (Willem II) then he moved to PSV. He also played for a Belgium club KV Kortrijk before he moved to Standard Liege. He does not even need to jump to catch balls (especially incoming corners) because of his height (6ft 10inches).


Related Questions about tallest football players in the world.

Who is the tallest footballer in the world?

With a huge height of 6 feet 10 inches tall Kristof Van Hout is the tallest player in the world.

Who is the tallest Goalkeeper in the world?

Kristof Van Hout is also the tallest Goalkeeper in the world as well as the tallest player with height of 6ft 10inches.

Is Peter Crouch the tallest football player?

No, Peter Crouch is actually far from the tallest football player but he's universally known as one of the Premier league most-tall tower target men.

How tall is Erling Haaland?

Erling Haaland is 1.94m tall.

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