7 exceptional reasons why football is the best sport in the world | The best sport game ever 2022


The Football game is one of the most popular sports in the whole world. It is not just one of the most popular, we can arguably say it is the most popular sport in the whole world. The game has tend to be the best in the whole world and why is Football the best sport in the world?


Football the best sport in the world

Football is more than just a sport. Football brings people together and makes them chase towards a common goal, which is Victory. It is a uniting game and the most fantastic thing about football is the amazing impact it can have over a city or a whole country.

When it comes to the World Cup competition, countries always fight with passion to qualify for the next round. Then you have the Citizens flying out to support their Countries in the hosting Country. Even a whole President is always excited about the game when it's time for World Cup.


The first thing that will come to your mind when the word "Sport" is mentioned is football. This is really peculiar to the Europe, America, Africa countries and other countries too.

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Football is best sport when it comes to popularity. Yes, the football world have recorded over 100,000 stadium attendance in different matches across the world. It is really an engaging sport with millions of followers ready to watch twenty-two men kicking the ball on a rectangular field.

Football is the only sport surrounded with so much passion that fans would support their Clubs or Countries in such a way that they can defend any argument from rival fans. 

This does not make those fans enemies but it opens up their mind to one common thing which is their view on what is best or who is best in two or more comparison. An exceptional thing about football is that it unites the globe together. 

Football is fun to watch the whole fans are always in tension throughout the match this speaks of the Passion they have for the game.

Reasons why football is the best sport

Apart from being an healthy game to players (footballers) it has also given the medium for footballers to donate Charities and build Foundations for the less privileges. Here are the 7 reasons that makes football the best sport.

  1. Size does not matter
  2. There's no age limit
  3. Passion surrounds the sport
  4. Rivalry Matches
  5. Big Transfer market
  6. Fans debate on players
  7. The most famous athlete plays in the sport

1. Size does not matter 

Size does not matter at all in football, both the tall and the short can play the game. The fat and the slim are not left out of the game. Infact your performance in football does not depend on your size.

Speed, pace, skills and techniques are the major features that can be considered in football. Even as an individual with low speed, you can still have your place in football. There are lots of positions in which you can do well in the sport without speed.

Unlike basketball, football doesn't really need you to have this height to be able to perform in the game. The game is more of technical abilities and sharp thinking.

In football even the shortest footballer and the tallest footballer have a key role they play in their team. Irrespective of their height, they are always an advantage. The fact that size does not matter in football has really made the game so exceptional.

2. There's no age limit

The sport game called football offers both the young and the old the platform to show their quality and entertain the world with the talent they've got. Every other professional sport games has a specific age limit before you can start playing in the sport game.

Some of these sport games has some specific age boundaries in which a player should retire from the game. But this is not the case in football, once you are ready and prepared for playing in the first team, you will be sent to the pitch.

There are lots of footballers who are ways above 40 years and are still in the game putting smile on everyone's face. You can't really compare the football sport with any other sport.

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3. Passion surrounds the sport

Football itself, we can say it’s a game lined with passion because everyone involved, including the players, the fans, the coaching staffs all have passion for this sport. No sport game is capable of rivaling the passion the football fans has for the game. 

If they are not present live in the stadium during a match, they will be somewhere watching on TVs. If there are any circumstances and they are not able to watch on TV, they would follow the game on their mobile devices (smartphones or laptops). 

If they are not available to follow the match at all, later in their leisure hours or resting period they have fun watching the highlight. This is the passion we football fans have for the sport game. 

How do you think football is able to unite people all over the world? It is because of the passion surrounding the game. Thousands of fans from all genders, religions, nations gather in the stadium to express their support for the team whom they support.

These fans cheer their teams up, sing chants against rival players, all just because of a common goal which is Victory! 

The passion the players have for the game, sometimes makes them do extra ordinary things. They train so hard so has to play well in front of the fans in the coming match. 

A lot of people have wondered why a football fan would watch a 90-minutes match and still make sure he watches the 3-minutes highlight as if it wasn't the same game he watched for 90 minutes. It is passion.

The passion in football gives the fans a reflex tension and goosebumps that makes them active and love to watch the game with desire for victory. The atmosphere at the stadium is always "wow" and "incredible". 

Without the fans passion football is actually nothing, the players are nothing without the supporters this is the mutual connections the football world has within it. During the Covid-19 pandemic when players were not allowed in the stadium. The players often complain about how they've missed the fans. Most players during this period play nonsense because no one to cheer them up. 

The game begins to look boring, even the Clubs begin to depreciate financially, but when the fans were back in the Stadium everything begins to turn positive. The fact that every one in the football world benefits from the passion that surrounds the game has crowned football the best sport game.

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4. Rivalry Matches

Rivalry is one of the major reasons football is the best sport to watch and no. 1 sport game in the world. A perfect example for a match like this Is Manchester United vs Liverpool or Real Madrid vs Barcelona. For most football fans rivalry matches are special matches and it is one of the best time in a football season with the stadium extremely filled up with crowds. 

The rival matches are games between probably two great Clubs who have successfully landed their feet in the top 6 consecutively in the past decades. Matches like this are always exciting, even the players are geared up and well prepared. 

Footballers are always there fighting to clinch the victory for their Club and the fans are there to support, gear up there team and sing against the rival team. No matter the hate, no matter the result everyone goes home either happy or broken but this does not stop the fans from supporting their clubs in the next match.

There is a saying in football that, "we win some, we loss some". Football pundits around the football world always look forward to games like this, where they would do analysis and make some criticism. 

There are some cases in football, a very fantastic and interesting case one which could involve up to 3 to 5 clubs. There could be a rival match between Team A and Team B, Team C are 1 point above Team B and there is a Team D who needs both team A and B to draw to avoid them moving up above him.

This situation we will see fans of Team C declaring their support for Team A to win. This is to avoid Team B moving up above them, not even considering how that same Team A flogged them both home and away. On the other hand fans of Team D would be out there praying for a draw so they can retain their position. That is football for you, we may beef eachother in games, yet we still love and support eachother in other games.

5. Big transfer market

If football sport were to be a world on it’s own, there's no need to shiver or bother about our market. The football transfer market is well, organized and well presented in such a way that players can be purchased and sold from one club to another irrespective of the league, country or continent involved.

No other sport can be well organized as this, the system of loaning players is really overwhelming. The connection and the way the transfer happens is so interesting, buying a player from other club to strengthen your team or loaning out player to get more experience, these are actually cool attribute in football. 

The way the football transfer market is well organized is one enough reason to explain football as the best sport.

6. Fans debate on players

This is actually the most complex of them all, actually football is a sport that deals with competition. Apart from competition between clubs there are also competition between players and fans are always in the yellow zone to debate on it.

At times most of these debates always end up unsettled as the same debate would always come up all the time. The debate on who is the best between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi is strictly an example of unsettled fans debate.

These two above mentioned players have attain the level of which their debate has splited the whole football fans into two, one part in support of Cristiano Ronaldo while the other in support of Lionel Messi. These two players have conquered the football world and are tagged GOAT by many. They have made many fall in love with football with their huge fan base.

The frequent arrival of players and topics to debate on have turned the football sport to the must engaging sport. Fans are not fed up with comparison. Almost all the time there will always be between A and B who is better, faster, more skilful. All this keeps the football sport  lively and revolving. Here are some examples of football debates;

1. Who is the fastest footballer
2. Who is the most skilful footballer
3. Who is the greatest footballer of all time
4. Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi
5. Who is the best defender in the premier league
6. Kelvin de Bruyne vs Bruno Fernandes etc.

All this are what fans argue and debate on that keeps the football sport active.

7. The most famous Athlete plays in the sport

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most famous Athlete and he's known across other sports for his athletic spirit. Football can be regarded as the best of all sport having the most famous man at its disposal. Cristiano Ronaldo could be famous for football and he could be famous because of football.

Ronaldo plays for Manchester United and he's one of the most talented footballer to ever grace the field of play. He's currently the highest goal scorer in football history. The rivalry between him and Messi have seen the football world through another level. 

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most searched athlete on the internet and he's digested to be creating awareness for the football sport.


Footballer as the largest amount of followers in all existing sport and that enough can crown it the best in the world because no other sport can drive such enthusiasm to the fans. Thanks for reading, please share to reach more people.

Related Questions about why football is the best sport

Why is football the best sport?

Football is the best sport because it is a perfect feet game, to play the game it requires passion. The game can be played anywhere by both male and female even the young and old are not exempted.

Why is football better than Basketball?

A football player does not need to have a great height to play the game. But in th case of basketball you really need to be tall before you can be given a shot.

Why do people like football?

There are various reasons why people like football, some of these reasons are - The rich history of football, ancient stadiums, it has no age limit, the passion that surrounds the sport.

Benefits of football?

Some of the benefits of football are, it promotes unity, it promote culture, foundation and charities are made to the less privileges, it's fun to watch, it reduces depression, it's against racism. There are lot more benefits of football we've just mentioned the few.

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