Football players that died on pitch

See players who died on the pitch while playing.

Players that died on pitch
Football game is a Sport game that brings out the unexplainable Joy and reactions out of the fans. But sometimes it could be the other way round. Sometimes football could be sad and emotional moments. I will be dropping a list of shocking deaths of players on the pitch. The death could occur during the game or shortly after the game

Antonio Puerta 
Antonio Puerta was a Sevilla player that died on the 28th of August in the year 2007, Antonio Puerta fainted during the league game between Sevilla and Getafe and as a result he was substituted. Although he regained consciousness and was able to make a walk off the pitch himself. He lost consciousness in the changing room again and he eventually died in the hospital as a result of a Postanoxic encephalopathy.

Marc-Vivien Foe
Foe who wore a jersey number 17 while he died representing his country (Cameroon), during an international game against Columbia in France suddenly collapsed on the pitch. This happened as a result of heart attack, due to an inflammation of the "right ventricle"

Samuel Okwaraji
Samuel Okwaraji was more than a successful footballer, he was a qualified lawyer. He was a serious weapon in the Nigeria football team as he turns out again for Nigeria for their eighth time as Nigeria battled Angola to reach their first World Cup finals. The ex Roma youth player however collapsed in the 77th mins at Lagos national stadium. After his death in his autopsy, it was revealed that Samuel had an enlarged heart and high blood pressure similar to Foe's case.

Serhiy Perkhun 
Serhiy Perkhun was a goalkeeper if CSKA Moscow when he died 10 days after entering into a "Coma". It happened on the 29th of August 2001, after a big knock to his head just after having an accidental collision with a rival player. It all happened during a game in the Russian league.

Cristian Gomez 
Cristian Gomez died in the 24th of May 2015, while playing for Atletico Parana. They are playing against Boca Unidos and he passed away after fainting during the game he was 27 years old when he died.

Alen Pamic 
Alen Pamic suffered a "heart attack" while he was playing a friendly match with NK istra in Maruzni on the (22nd) of June 2013. Alen Pamic had a long history of "Cardiac problems". He had collapsed many times in the pitch which means his death wasn't his first time of collapsing on the pitch, but was allowed to continue his career unfortunately in his last crisis he couldn't Carry on and he died.

Miklos Feher
Feher, aged 24, died on the 25th of January 2004, while he played for Benfica against Vitoria de Guimaraes. He died after collapsing on the pitch as he makes an effort to keep playing. Sources has it that he died as a result of a pulmonary embolism.

Jose Antonio Gallardo 
Jose Antonio Gallardo suffered a bang to his head. He suffered this bang during a game between Celta Vigo and Malaga. He recoverd without having issue, but unfortunately he fell into a Coma after 17 days as a result of the bang. He died a week later on the 8th of January 1988.

Diermario Morosini 
This player died on the 14th af April 2012. He died after suffering a heart attack in the middle of the match between Livomo and Pescara. He was actually taken to the hospital in a (critical) state, but nothing could be done to save his life.

Marcos Dis Santos
Marcio Dos Santos died not long after playing a game in 28th of October 2002. He died after the match between Deportive Wanka and Alianza Liman. Marcos, in fact scored the winning Goal for his side. He hadn't really been feeling too well, he had headache which his doctor had already prescribed a tablet. Eventually he died as he suffered a heart attack.

Peter Biaksangzuala 
Peter Biaksangzuala was a 23 year old midfielder of 'Bethlehem Vengthlang' In India. Peter died in the 19th if October 2014 after suffering from a serious damage to his dorsal spine when he tried to celebrate with a backflip after he scored.

Sofiane Lokar
Sofiane Lokar Is an Algerian footballer. He died after suffering from a reported "heart attack". The thirty year old (30) collapsed while playing for Algeria second division team ( Mouloudia Saida). Sofiane died on Christmas day.

These are the few players that died on the pitch that we can get for you. It is observed that most of the players that died on the pitch or shortly after playing died due to a heart problem it Cardiac arrest. 
Sergio Aguero got retired after suffering from a heart problem. It was so shocking to have a talent like him retired at the age of 32 due to heart problem. Actually, It was a nice decision of him to retire to prevent the risk of dieing on the pitch.

In 2022 Manchester United Player Victor Lindelof had a breathing issue while playing on the pitch. He was having difficulty in breathing but the medical team quickly rushed to him. He was forced off and hospitalized. But thank God, he was tested and it was just a minor issue. He was tested and resumed play after few days.

How to avoid Players dieing on the pitch.
As it is known that the major cause of death on the pitch is always heart problem or Cardiac arrest.
• Players should always make sure they eat benefiting foods that will keep and nurrish their body. players should stay away from eating junk food which can affect their heart.

• Players should always have a heart Check up before appearing on the pitch. This would help detect any player with a heart issue before the match begins. Players could also be advised to use a watch-like heart testing matching to monitor their heart even while playing on the pitch.
• Any player with a Critical heart issue should be forced to retire to avoid passing away on the pitch.
• Players who possibly got a knock on the pitch accidentally should be forced off the pitch so they can rest to avoid collapsing.

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