Why do footballers chew gum | Answers you have to know.

Why do football players chew chewing gum

"Chewing gum" is a soft substance made and designed to be chewed but not swallowed. It is a cohesive substance composes of (gum base, sweetners, flavors and a hard coating (sometimes powder) 

Everyone eat chewing gum. This habit has become part and parcel of our everyday live. And chewing Gum is what we do constantly.

Now let's get to know somethings relating to why footballers chew gum while playing on the field. What are the benefits of eating chewing gum to footballers, why do footballers chew gum. What are the side effect?

Chewing gum has lot of benefits, numerous advantages and health benefits. Infact research has it that chewing gum is one way to cope with depression. Chewing gum helps in burning calories and it is good for your jaw and mouth. Chewing gum even reduces heartburn.

Why do players eat chewing gum, what does chewing gum gain for them? Actually if you take a watch at some football matches you will certainly see footballers as they chew gums while in action on the field.

This has become a habit in football, and even some other Sports, what are the benefits of this habit, does it actually help footballers in anyway? 

(As you continue to read and scroll downward, you will see a short list of famous footballers and coaches fond of chewing gum)

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Does chewing gum helps in keeping footballers mouth healthy?

When it come to chewing of Gum, it helps footballers keep their mouth hydrated (moist), and this is a good thing. When the chewing gum hydrates the mouth, the Saliva is stimulated and several bits of food stuck in the teeth get removed.

Footballers actions on the (pitch) such as running can result in dehydration of the mouth. As a result, the mouth gets dried up. Chewing of gum would help the footballers keep their mouth wet and moist as desired. So that they would not have to feel dehydrated in the mouth while playing.

Does chewing gum helps footballers to reason and think faster than normal? Could it decide a game?

Yes, chewing gum helps footballers think faster. Scientifically the answer is yes. Research shows that people who chew gum scored 40% more in a memory test conducted by the [British Psychological Society].

Mental activities increases when there is a constant movement of the jaw while chewing gum and this sends continuous messages and signals to the brain. When a footballer chew gum, continuously while playing on the field. The jaw movement increases mental activities and send signals to the his brain keeping the brain active and sharp.

The footballer tends to stay focus and sharp and they take decisions reflexly. 

Chewing gum can decide a competitive match, ask me how. Well, that's just how it is, when in a competitive match all the players are always nervous and the team with a greater advantage tend to win.

When a footballer chew gum while playing on the field , the brain becomes sharp, active and ready to cause reflex actions. And this reflex actions helps the player to increase their alertness and reduce (shorten) their reaction time (reaction time or response time is the time taken to make an action or make a decision). 

Considering the fact that when footballers chew gum the time taken to react reduces. Then chewing gum gives the footballer an advantage since it makes them think fast and react rapidly in a short time. In a competitive game the side with the greater advantage wins, therefore chewing gum "could" decide a game.

Do footballers chew gum to improve their ability?

When a footballer chew gum while playing a game, their brain switches on. When their brain get switched on, they think faster, and the faster they think the quicker the reflexes. The response time reduces and the player have a faster body movement because they decide much more faster. 

This leads to contraction of their muscles within a short time and eventually cause them to run faster than they can, jump slightly higher than they normally can, and dribble faster than they could. In that wise it, it’s concluded that when footballers chew gum they have their Abilities improved/boosted.

Do footballers chew gum because they are addicted to chewing it?

The answer could be yes or it could be No. You know when you do something all the time and you like what you do it could become habitual. Several football players doesn't even have a good reason for chewing gum wether for the goal of keeping them "calm" or for "medical reasons". 

They just chew gum not because of something but because they feel empty in their mouth when they don't. Footballers often do it because they developed the habit and are addicted to doing it. 

Sometimes it could be the habit of chewing and not necessarily the gum, it could be chocolate candy and others. Most players are not even aware of the advantage (positive side) of chewing gum. They just do it because it has become their habit.

Even though it might have become their habit, the actual truth is that it still make then sharp and relaxed, they even look more confident and convenient because they get pleasure chewing it. It could be the pleasure given by the taste or the nice flavor it secretes to their mouth.

Have it in your mind that the chewing gum you choose to chew have major different effect on the body. The variety in the hardness makes them different. The hardness of a gum affect and influence the rate of the blood flow to the brain. A moderate hardness of a 'gum' increases the flow of blood than a gum which is too soft or too hard.

Does chewing gum reduces footballers' level of stress?

It is obvious that, when a football player have an upcoming game ahead. They always increase their work and training rate. The energy lost during the preparation, the time spent training and even the fear of ending up losing the match could be tag as stress.

Chewing gum is one of the ways you can reduce the stress and increase your performance. This is actually one of the reasons footballers are increasingly into the habit (chewing gum). If you did not chew gum after passing through several training sections even still under training some hours to the game, you would get really stressed up which can lower your impact in the game. How can eating gum really help a footballer? 

Well I've got the answer for you, when you move your jaw as you chew gum, the blood flow to the brain increases. And the oxygen in the brain also increases. This in turn decrease the level of stress. 

The level of stress reduces more as you perceive the smell of the flavor and you continue to have the taste of the chewing gum in your mouth. Happy chemicals are actually released in the brain which also keeps the body calm and relaxed.

Studies have shown that footballers who chew gum have somehow reduced their cortisol level. "Cortisol" is a stress hormone, and when you reduce the level of cortisol you become more calm and the level of anxiety will be reduced. Hence this way, you are in a position that you can decide very fast without being nervous.

Famous Footballers and Coaches that are fund of chewing gum.



Marcos Evangeslista de Morais is one of the best right full back of all time. He was known as Cafu by all Ac Milan fans. Cafu is a Brazilian and was well known for his impressive skills. He was actually one of the players who transformed the role of right full back to the attacking role today.

Cafu wasn't just a footballer he was known all over the world by his trademark of "a smile on his face and a chewing gum in his mouth"

Chewing gum really helped him to keep his energy level and art of defense on the field. He played high-intensive and aggresive Football. With the act of chewing gum Cafu was always focus throughout the entire match (game).

Sir Alex Ferguson

A legend who left a mark in Manchester United. He  brought most trophies to United and he's considerably the best Coach in the world of football. He was well known for the habit of chewing gum. He did this throughout his entire coaching career.

Fergie had is last game as a United coach on May 13th 2013, it was against West Bromwich. Apart from the score line 5-5 the game would always be remembered as the fixture was the match A. Ferguson chewed his last gum as a Manchester United manager.

Surprisingly after that match, he disposed his gum on the ground and a fan picked it up. The gum was actually sold on eBay at the cost of 456,000 euro. This is amazing.



Chewing gum is a habit not only characterised to football alone, it is also an habit widely performed in other Sports, like (cricket, baseball etc)

Eating chewing gum could help increase your performance but it might not relatively improve your game. So it is important to have it on your mind that chewing gum can't make you a better Player, But it can reduce stress and help you stay focus while playing.

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