Why do footballers wear bras? | Functions explained in details

One of the burning football related questions online is why do footballers wear bras? You might have seen by yourself either on TVs or social media the way numbers of male footballers wear something that looks like bra. Well, that thing may look like bra, but it is actually not. It is not because it totally performs a different function compared to the bras women wear.

Footballers wear sport bras also known as neoprene bras to hold a GPS tracker which measure and analyse players' physical performances and physiological processes such as heart rate, blood pressure, energy level, breathing pattern etc. 


It tracks the amount of workdone by a player and the energy exerted by the player every minute this creates more data to understand how a player performs.

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This article will explain in details the relevance of this sport bras to male footballers and why they use bra instead of a wristwatch.

Why footballers wear bra tops?

Footballers wear bra tops under their shirts for various purposes. The sport bra contains a GPS tracker which helps to monitor a player's heart rate, value of calories burning, energy used, speed, distance covered and many other useful data.


SportyzNews in this article will categorize the reasons why footballers wear sport bras into 3 major categories which are;
  • For training or to test matches
  • Replacement for GPS watches
  • Works 10x better than GPS watches

1. For training or to test matches

One of the major reasons for why footballers wear sport bra is to actually to analyse and get data on their physical performances. As stated above the sport bra has a GPS tracker in it which helps to monitor and provide data on a players' physical and physiological performance.

These bras create data and records the movement of players on the pitch, it also records the physical data. It analyses how fast a players is, what level is his heart rate, how much calories he's burning. All this data are collected by the GPS sport bra and are transmitted to the GPS monitor where the sport scientist or the manager checks where a player needs improvement.

The details from the device also do help a coach or manager to identify any anomalies or improvement in a player compared to the recent session. The results provided be the bra is one great way to determine and prevent some common injuries such as hamstring.

Who among the players is overworked? Which team player is on a high risk of injury, who has an abnormal heart rate? who is making more or lesser runs per minute than usual? All this questions are what the sport bras provide answers to. 

Thanks for GP sports, STATsport, Catapult Sport and the rest who have made the technology possible. 

With the GPS sport bras coaches and managers can now monitor their player performances and know who is performing well, who is burnt out and other physiological processes that can determine the work rate of players.

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2. Replacement for GPS watches

A particular football rule does not allow footballers to don accessories on the field of play. Accessories like pendant, watches, rings, jewelries are all banned for players on the field of play.

The first set of device created for same function as the GPS sport bra was in form of a wrist watch. As the rule is against watches in football the device wasn't too much implemented in football like the GPS sport bras was.

And know this, the sport bras measures more accurately than the GPS watches and it is easier to wear. For the female footballers the bra reduces pressure on their shoulder and neck and it provides more comfort whilst playing.

The GPS watch give only little data when it is used compared to the sport bras.


3. Works 10x better than GPS watches

The GPS watches though gives its own data when used but it can not match or be compared to the sport bras. The GPS sport bras give 10x more data and they provide more accurate data compared to the GPS watches.

According to Ryan Warkins, a director of Business Ops for Catapult:

“Most GPS watches only record at one hertz. So one time per second. If you think of what an elite athlete can do in one second, it’s pretty significant,” said Ryan Warkins, Director of Business Operations for Catapult, the company at the helm of this technology. Collecting data one time per second is inaccurate — especially when tracking superstar athletes like Thomas Müller or Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Catapult system tracks at 10Hz. “So you’re getting ten data points per second. You’re getting a much more refined system to increase the accuracy.”

The GPS tracker works best when placed near ones torso this is why the sport bra is a way more accurate than the ones worn on the wrists.

Apart from measuring accurately, the sport bra record more data than the watches, data like the heat map of a player, blood pressure, distance covered, energy exhausted, speed, heart rate and more can be provided by the GPS sport bra.

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Advantages for why footballers wear sport bras.

The black bras you see on players offers them a great deal of comfort. The device is designed to help the coach or trainer to point out what to work on in his players. 

The best part is the device gives out rich performance data for each players in details and this is so useful for the coach to discover anomalies in his squad after training section or a match if used.

The device also helps to prevent common injuries by analysing the rate at which a player works and if such player has overworked. All these data are available with the GPS sport bras. Like I mentioned earlier if a player completes more or less run than usual the device will indicate it.

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How do the GPS sport bras support a teams performance?

The GPS tracker in the sport bra footballers wear is capable of understanding when a player is fatigued, tired or when they are at their best. The device is capable of monitoring a player's sprint and speed. 

These factors helps the coach in deciding the player to replace on the pitch and not only that, it also helps prevent key players from getting injuries in training.

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When do footballers wear bras?

Footballers makes use of the sport bras while in training or while playing on the pitch. The sport bra can only measure and provide data when a player is playing, it is mostly seen on players when they are training and not during work outs.

It is rare to see it on players while playing a match as in most cases it is always worn under their shirts. But we've seen the bras on players when they pull-off their shirts to celebrate a goal. Hence, the sport bras are common in training as they don't need to wear it under shirts.

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Where to purchase a footballer sport bra?

You can make a purchase for the GPS sport bra. If you are in the mood to get one. Just follow the Amazon link below (Link) or click the image.

STATsport Brand

The STATsport GPS sport bra is compatible with smartphones which means you can monitor your speeds, heat map, breathing rate on your smart phones. You don't have to connect it with a monitor or PC before you can get the data

CATApult Brand

The CATApult Brand of the GPS bra is more affordable and it gives analysis in understandable form. It will certainly help improve your performance.

What do footballers wear under their shirts?

Footballers wear a GPS sport bras under their shirts to record their movement and physiological processes on the pitch. The results can later be used by the player to improve their game.

Clubs that makes use of sport bras

Over three quarters of the premier league club have been using the device since 2020, they make use of the device in training and some players have tested it in games.

Leeds United and Wolves were among the first clubs to access the technology followed by Man United and Liverpool. Since 2020, other Clubs, Leagues and National teams have deployed the technology.


The sport bras you see on footballers perform a tracking function as it contains a GPS tracker which is designed to record many data points for data scientist and trainers (coaches). Once the vest-like GPS bra is worn it gives 10x more accurate result than the GPS watches.

It is more comfortable to wear and it offers great advantages to players who take a great deal in monitoring and improving every aspects of their games. That's all about the article; why do footballers wear bras. Don't forget to check other articles.

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