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Odenusi Opeyemi who is also known as Joseph is a student in an institution. Opeyemi Odenusi is a sport blogger who works as an admin of multiple Facebook pages. He has worked with Opera news, Scooper news before deciding to embark on a blogging Career.

 Opeyemi  has already been a people-person, and he's working with a variety of responsible and unique individual to help in his blogging Career. He is happy to go into blogging even while he's still a student.

 In his five [5] years of experience in blogging with Opera, Scooper and as a current Sport Facebook page administrator. He's handled sport commentary on the page several times. He's responsible for the generation of over 10,000 followers in addition to the page's followers.

Opeyemi is ready to work with clients, to get in touch with Opeyemi , send an e-mail to [email protected].