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With the way companies rushes in to sign sponsorship deals with football clubs this days, it is necessary for questions like how do sponsors make money in football? to come up. In this article we will analyse how  the sponsors (companies) benefits and make money in football or in other sports.


In a quick explanation the relationship between sponsors and clubs in football is a win-win for both side. Sponsors make money indirectly from football through brand recognition and reputation building. The major reasons why companies sponsor clubs in football is to get their brand to more audience which in turn brings money to the company. 

Clubs on the other hand accept sponsorship deals because they are going to be paid huge sum of money for it. The signing of sponsorship deals is one of the major ways football clubs earn money. 

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How sponsors make money in football

Here are the two major ways sponsors make money in football:


1. Brand recognition

Brand recognition or awareness is one of the reasons companies sign deals with football clubs, it is also one of the ways they make money in football. Sponsorship in football or any other sports is one great way for companies/sponsors to show their brand to millions of viewers. 

Depending on the club involved in the deal, clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona will surely get your brand to millions of football fans all around the world. Both to the fans present live in the match and those watching on TVs or even online.

Companies tend to get more famous when they sign sponsorship deals in football and the result of them being famous we actually tend to bring more money. Ask me out how, Ok I will explain in bits.

As a Manchester United fan I am much more familiar with Chevrolet than any other car brand, so let's assume there is a day I want to make a purchase of 2022 model car. Then I was taken to the garage to pick my choice, a lot of cars of different brands were there peeping at me including Chevrolet. I got confused of what brand to pick. 

It shouldn't be surprising if I go for Chevrolet because that is the brand I'm familiar with even if it's just their name. That is how brand awareness helps sponsors to make money in football.

Another instance is, see yourself as a sportsman who want to make a purchase of soccer cleats on Amazon. Then you find yourself in a situation where all the soccer cleats brand you see satisfies you but you don't know which brand to pick whether Adidas, Nike or even Puma. 

But you know, being familiar with Adidas as a football fan (maybe the club you support is in sponsorship deals with company like Adidas) you will definitely purchase the Adidas brand of soccer cleats considering your recognition and awareness of the brand. Because you recognise the Adidas brand, it has given them a upper hand over other brand.

2. Selling of more products 

The more people get to know their brands the more the sales they make. The idea of sponsorship deals between companies/brands and clubs in football is also a marketing strategy. 

It is as good as advertising ones business. The deal usually brings about increase in sales and this is where sponsors make their money in football selling more of their products at profitable prices to larger number of people. Brands earn more than the amount they pay for a sponsorship deal. 

It is actually a win-win business for the two involved. Signing a sponsorship deal with a very famous club can take once brand to the four corners of the world (if I'm not exaggerating), but the result is always increase in the sales of more product this then increase the profit of the brand. The money paid for the deals is then realised back.


FAQ relating to how sponsors make money in football.


What do sponsors get in return in football?

Sponsors gets popularity and more awareness when they sign sponsorship deals in football. The indirectly get more sales and more profit in their companies. They receive several form of advertisements across the world via the club or players in all medium.

What are the benefits of sponsoring a football team?

1. Brand exposure
2. More sales
3. More engagement

Why do companies sponsor football clubs?

Companies sponsor football clubs because it serves as a means for them to market their brands and product to the thousands of millions of fans following football clubs. 

Among all sports games football also known as soccer is the most followed sport game. And the audience believe zealously in the club they support this make football clubs a great marketing platform for brands.


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