Why do footballers sweat so much?

Reasons why footballers sweat so much.

It's almost getting into much notice recently as we observe footballers sweat so much even from our TV screen. Why do footballers sweat a lot? We could see this nature of sweating in players like Lukaku, Carlos Puyol, Richard Dunne, Robbie Fowler. Do footballers sweat due to disorder? What are the benefits of sweating to footballers? Why do footballers sweat? What are the side effect?

There are actually lot of reasons why footballers sweat. Not all football players sweat while playing, some footballers sweat and gets a bit wet. While some just few minutes into the game, you will see them drenched already. Players like Lukaku falls into this category. (There is no form of abuse passed to the footballers mentioned, they were mentioned just for illustrative purpose and to pass across more details in the article).

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Before going any further, let me give a brief explanation of 'sweat'.


Sweat is a liquid scientifically made of 99% - water and 1% - salt/fat. Sweat is excreted away from the body through the opening of the sweat glands. The body releases sweat when it gets overheated and the evaporation of the sweat from the skin helps to cool the body down. Sweat can also be regarded as a waste product of the body.

This nature of footballers sweating so much even when it's just Five minutes of kick-off has become what some football fans Taunt about. Infact some football fans go to the extent of digging out images of the targeted footballer -(sweating). It is so much funny that it attracts a lot of Haha reactions on social media.

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It happens often among Manchester United and Chelsea fans. United fans Taunt about how Lukaku sweat so much and Chelsea fans respond to the taunt remembering United fans how their captain (Maguire) ate grass in the previous match. So funny.

I have decided to make an article on why footballers sweat so much. Here are some of the reasons why football players sweat so much. Take your time and explore the article, enjoy browsing.


1. Do footballers sweat because of anxiety? (fear)

Stress sometimes leads to anxiety. When a player comes up on the football pitch to play they already had gone through several training sessions . This triggers the sweat glands of such footballer to start secreting sweats.

The sweat hormones aid this action and the sweat glands start releasing the liquid (sweat) into the pores. The footballer would physically experience as the sweat secrets out of his skins and role down his body. Before some minutes he's already wet.

Anxiety can lead to sweating even when your body does not feel any heat. Funny, you could be under an AC and still sweat, That's the power of stress hormones.

2. Do footballers sweat a lot due to work rate?

Just, similar to that of anxiety, but this case it does not involve tension. When a football player put in much work on the pitch, they tend to sweat more. We can't expect a goalkeeper to sweat like other strikers or midfielder out there on the pitch.

A goalkeeper does not have to put in much work like running, jogging from one part of the pitch to the other as all he has to do is to stay at the goal post and prevent any incoming ball. We can relate this also, to what we experience too. When we work out our nerves (hard), we sweat too.

Footballers sweat so much as result of activities like running, jogging especially when it’s done in high rate.

3. Does playing in the sun makes a footballer sweat?

YES, the answer is capital YES. The question attracts a capital YES because, One of the major reasons why footballers sweat so much is as a result of the heat radiated by the sun. As we know, the sun is a good source of heat energy and it emits that (heat) in large quantities. 

Sweat is secreted out of the body when there's an increase in the temperature of such body. And when the temperature raises above the normal human temperature. The sweat glands releases sweat which cools down the body heat. Here is how it works;

Shortly after the body temperature is raised beyond the normal, the sweat glands start releasing sweat. And when this sweats start evaporating after spreading on the skin. The body temperature reduces as the body receives cool air due to evaporation of sweat. But this may not stop the sweating.

The heat radiated by the sun makes the footballers sweaty, that is if the match is being played in the sun.

4. Do footballers sweat due to large consumption of salt?

The level of salt in a player's diet can make such player more sweaty. Medically, when you consume much salt more than your body needs,you become sweaty even at the slightest temperature. 

This is because a human body is designed to regulate the amount of the mineral items in the body. So, when a football player consume much salt, the body regulates it, make use of the amount needed, and the remaining salt is passed out into the excretery system for excretion.

The body needs just little quantity out of salt consumed by the body and the fastest way to get rid of the unwanted quantity is through sweat and urine. As I stated earlier while explaining 'Sweat', sweat is composed of around 1% of salt and it could be more than that when you take much salt . A footballers consumption of salt can also determine if the footballer sweat so much.


5. Do Footballers sweat due to high fat intake?

I wouldn't want to agree with this, though fat is also part of the constituents of sweat but it doesn't necessarily makes one sweat. Fat can increase the size of a footballer, make him fat but doesn't really make him sweat.

Only if the footballer consume large salt content then he can sweat so much.

6. Does Alcohol and Caffeine makes a footballer sweat a lot?

Yes, both Alcohol and Caffeinated drinks can make a footballer sweat while playing. Just a drink of alcohol can widen his blood vessels in his skin and increase his blood flow (heart rate) this can even make him sweaty.

Caffeine (coffee) activates ones central nervous system and the nervous controls sweat glands. If the footballer have consumed the drink he starts sweating. So it is adviseable for that footballer to take a corresponding glass of water to balance it and stay hydrated.

Advantages of sweating to footballers?

1. Sound Health

When a footballer sweats, it portrays how sound the footballer is in health. As it means his organ is functioning well. But when a footballer sweats a lot under conditions that does not cause for sweating he needs to consult a doctor. 

Measures like reduction of salt, alcohol and caffeine consumption should be taken.

2. Releasing of waste product.

One of the advantages of sweating is how it helps to release waste inform of liquid away from the body. Not only liquid waste is released through sweating other fine particles are also released away from the body. In return the body is kept healthy.

3. Regulation of Salt content in the body

Sweat is a liquid waste that contains unwanted salt content from the body. Sweating helps to convey this salt content out of the body.


Side effects 

Even with the advantages of sweating listed above, no way, there would still be some side effects. Below are some of the side effect.

1. Dehydration

Water is lost from the body while sweating and when a football player sweats so much he loses lot of water which results in dehydration.

2. Body Odour

Sweat comes out of the body with odours as it contains waste product not needed in the body. The only way to overcome this odour is for such player to always have a regular bath and the use of body spray would eliminate the odours.

If there are any additions you think should be added to this article, you can drop them in the comments box.

(The images used in this article are not for any purpose other than illustration). 

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