Karim Benzema's hat-trick knocks PSG out of the Champions league.

Real Madrid's qualifies for quarter finals as Benzema's hat-trick knocks-out PSG.

Karim Benzema put in a fantastic second half hat-trick to knock PSG out of the Champions League. It turned out to be a wonderful comeback from Real Madrid as they fought tough at the Bernabeu stadium to get to the Champions league quarter-finals.

The match was full of quality, both teams were really impressive on Wednesday night but the better side won. However PSG mistakes were the catalyst to Real Madrid's comeback. 

PSG got the first goal in the match. They were boosted up with an aggregate of two goals lead on Real Madrid. But Real Madrid came out in the second-half and produced a massive and beautiful performance.

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Kylian Mbappe impressive against Madrid.

Kylian Mbappe in the first half gave PSG an actually well deserved two goals on aggregate lead over Real as he scored an attempt from Neymar's pass. And with that Pochettino's side looks good to qualify for the Champions league last eight.

Gianluigi Donnarumma PSG goalkeeper, however, made a mistake leading to Real Madrid first goal. He lost possession and Karim Benzema took advantage of it to put the scoreline on aggregate of 2-1 with PSG leading with 2 goals.

Luka Modric exceptional run gave Real madrid the second goal, scored by the same man that scored the first goal.

Modric made a very beautiful run, and picked on every PSG players on his way before he successfully passed to Benzema who produced a cool finish by slotting the ball into the bottom corner.

Before Donnarumma's mistake, PSG were in complete and total control of the game . The PSG team were on top notch as Marco Verratti was dominant in the midfield. Lionel Messi and Neymar worked together and explored dangerous positions in Real madrid's defense.

Real Madrid struggled at the start, they struggled to have the game in control over PSG fluent players.

Mbappe was particularly exceptional and electrical. He raced on to Neymar's pass to open the lead against Real madrid (the side everyone believed he would join in the summer). 

His second goal was correctly disallowed for offside after scoring the first. But nevertheless the beauty of his quality shinned out. He was so impressive.

He almost got a goal as he tormented Madrid's defense as he burst past Eder Militao but a brilliant challenge from David Alaba denied him from scoring the goal.

Mbappe received a round of warm applause from the madrid's supporters while he gets up after looking like he was hurt in a tackle.

Karim Benzema scores a 17th minutes hat-trick to kick PSG out of the Champions league.

Karim Benzema 17-minutes hat-trick offered PSG another 'painful' elimination from the Champions League competition. 

PSG were in the final and semi-final in the previous consecutive seasons but this time they couldn't even qualify for the quarter finals.

This isn't a good development for PSG team as they've really longed to win the Champions league. They have done lots to win the trophy including possession of three of the best players in the world (Mbappe, Neymar, and Messi).

Now Pochettino's job at the club is at stake as the Club expects him to win the Cup. PSG exited the tournament after Benzema's hat-trick..

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