Manchester United set to pay about £11 million to shareholders as Gary Neville slames the Glazers.

Manchester United are now set to pay a dividend sum of £11 million to shareholders on Friday 24th June and the largest/majority of the dividend will go to the Glazer family. 


The dividends are usually paid two times in a year. The first is issued in January, while the second payment is issued in June. The six Glazer family members who all hold shares in the club would receive the majority of the dividend payment.

In the previous year (last year), the United shareholders according to reports, received the dividend which were worth about £10.7 million. The Glazers received in around £8 million out of that money.


The Glazer family have always taken sums of money out of the club. And recently it was comfirmed that Man United's debt have increased to about £500 million. 

In United's latest financial accounts the debt have increased by 11.8 percent from that of last year. Just this week, the Glazer family were slammed by Gary Neville after they made the decision to take £11 million out of the club as dividend.

The Glazers have made the decision, not regarding that the Club is in the period when there are much investment needed in the team and also for the redeveloping of the Old Trafford stadium.

The Man United co-chariman "Joel Glazer" attended a fans' forum. This was what he said last June when the topic about the dividend payment was was brought up as as subject.

"I know this is a subject that a lot of people have a lot of different views on, but when we take things and look at things as a whole, we think that Manchester United is a very well-run club, and we think clubs throughout football could take a look at us, and there's a lot of good to be seen when it comes to some of these things that are controversial,"


"You know, we're able to spend with the top clubs throughout Europe, whether it's wages or transfer fees, we've been able to keep our ticket prices low, we've not increased them in over 10 years. We're able to pay a dividend but it's a modest proportion of our five to six hundred million pounds of revenue; it's less than three per cent of that.


"We're able to do all these things and that's to me the sign of a well-run club. It has never stood in the way of us pursuing players or transfers on the pitch. We may have walked away from transfers at times because the other side wanted an outlandish number. And while it's easy to pay it that one time, it does have consequences. You do it once and the next person expects it, and then the next person expects it. And that's not good, ultimately, for the club."So, we think that we're able to accomplish all these things and still have a very, very successful club and invest, and do everything that is necessary for a club of our stature. Source: Manchester United evening News

He explained to the fans that the club have been well runned.

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