FA opens up investigation after Anthony Elanga got hit by an object

Anthony Elanga was hit by an object thrown at him by Leeds fans. This occurred when United were celebrating Fred's goal around the 70th minute of the match. 
The scoreline was levelled 2-2 before Fred scored his 3rd league goal of the season to put Manchester United in front.

Just during the celebration Anthony Elanga got hit by objects thrown at him. Elanga had to go off to receive medical treatment. He added the fourth goal himself after receiving the treatment making it a 4-2 win for United.

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Manchester United boss speaks:

"As far as I know, there is some investigation going on from Leeds United. I don't think that anything happened in the end,"

"Elanga looked well and he was happy about scoring his goal. Obviously things like that should not happen and I think even more so this game. The atmosphere was great."BBC sport news

Leeds United boss speaks:
"Any excess other than sporting should not be approved," he said. "I can't evaluate what you spoke about because I didn't see it." - BBC sport news

According to BBC sport news, Leeds stated that they would be having a review on the CCTV footage to identify the fans causing trouble. Afterwards, they would impose a lifetime ban on any fan or supporters found found guilty of throwing objects towards the field.

The English football league and the Premier league clubs to find (suggest) ways to fight (tackle) "anti-social behavior)


Supporters football disorders (2022)

In 2022 so far there have been a lot of football disorders among supporters. Acts ranging from invading the pitch, racism, throwing of object at players e.tc are termed disorders.

In the last two months a lot of fans anti-social behavior have occurred by involving in anti-social behaviors including several fans getting themselves arrested by involving in those anti-social acts. 

In January five players were arrested after the FA Cup 3rd-round tie between Crystal palace and Milwall. Two players were also arrested when Antonio Rudiger was hit by missiles thrown at him from the crowd in Chelsea's home win versus Tottenham.

In February a man was arrested after a fan ran to the pitch. It happened in the game between Leicester city and Nottingham forest. Leicester city were defeated 4-1 in that match.

Leads fans reacts.

The match between United and Leeds was the first in front of fans in 19 years. Leeds fans were forced to react as the rivalry among the two games fans boiled all over the atmosphere.

United's captain Harry Maguire scored the first goal for United and celebrated at the front of Leeds fans.
United fans released a red substance leaving heavy smell of "fireworks" hanging in the atmosphere.

Soon when United players scored the last two goals, they were at danger as some of Leeds fans throw missiles at them.

It was a classic match keeping United in the top 4 and a boost in confidence was observed too. Manchester United will go against Atlético Madrid on Wednesday.

Leeds on the other hand drops down the Premier league tabe (you can click on the text to view table)
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